Look at What You Hear!

One very common teaching technique used by ancient rabbis (and even to this day) is to use what is around you as metaphors or examples.  Unlike Christian universities where students sit in a building at their desks, ancient Jewish rabbis would take their talmidim (disciples) through the world and use real examples to teach about God.  This is the way rabbis taught in the first century in Galilee.  A rabbi would almost never make an example of something and it not be right there for his audience to look at.  That may sound silly to you, but ancient Jewish culture was very eastern in nature, in which information comes in pictures (as opposed to western culture which attains information through abstract ideas).  So this is just part of the culture that the picture had to be there for the point to make an impact.  This is epitomized in the verse:

“Consider carefully what you hear!”

–Mark 4:24

The Greek here beautifully captures the Hebraic element of Jesus’ original saying because it says literally “Look at carefully what you hear!”  How do you look at what you hear?  If the information comes in pictures, then it’s possible.  In this post we’re going to look at what we hear.

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