Paul and Silas Sing it Out!

Over and over again in the New Testament it’s clear that the story has some basis in the Tanakh (Old Testament). Over and over again, when we do a little digging, we find that the all-important backdrop of the New Testament is found in the Tanakh. From the way people talk to the things they do, it’s all firmly rooted in God’s book.

A good example of this is in Acts 16.  When Paul and Silas are in prison, what they do there is no exception to this rule, and knowing what the backdrop of this story is helps to enrich it greatly! Continue reading

Haskell Singing School – Not Your Typical Church Camp

I’m going to take a  break from my usual theological postings to post something a little different.  This post is dedicated to the Haskell Singing School, a church camp I have gone to every year for the past 14 years (with the exception of 2006 when I got my first job out of college and had no vacation time saved up – a sad year indeed).

Now you might be asking yourself: why would someone go to a church camp for 14 years?  Aren’t those camps just for kids?  It’s a good question.  Most church camps are for a certain age group.  For instance, when I was in 4th and 5th grade I went to Camp Impact at Oklahoma Christian University which is for that age range (funny enough, Erin, my wife, also went to that camp those years but we didn’t know each other).  Camp Impact was great fun but I wouldn’t want to keep going year after year.  The same is true for other camps that kids go to like Kadesh, Blue Haven, Cornerstone, Zenith, etc. You actually outgrow going to these camps because they are targeted to a specific age group and thus what you once might have gotten out of them you no longer can.

Singing School is different. How? Well let me explain…

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