To Translate is to Lie

There is an old saying: to translate is to lie.  For your average church-goer, this may be a bit unsettling.  Suddenly very bothersome questions start to arise.  Are my English translations wrong? Can they be trusted? Do I have to know Hebrew and Greek to truly understand what the Bible says?  The answer to all of these questions is: no…sort of.  Join me as I give a few examples.

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Context is Crucial – A Commentary on Mark 12 (part 5)

This is the fifth part of my commentary on Mark 12 as we look at this chapter in its original context.  We are asking the question, “what did this passage of scripture mean to its original hearers?” and it is transformative to our understanding for certain.  Be sure to see the other parts of this commentary too as each builds on the previous.

Part 1 – Setting the Stage: The Sadducees

Part 2 – The New Tenants

Part 3 – Give to Caesar…

Part 4 – A Silly Question

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Hillel and The Good Samaritan

This week my Tuesday night Bible study, The Jewish Context of the Bible, started a new series: Famous Rabbis.  We start with the three biggest names in first century Rabbinical Judaism: Hillel, Shammai, and Akiva.  Then we progress to Sha’ul (Paul) and finally culminating in, Yeshua (Jesus).  I think after examining these great rabbis it will mean so much more when we look at Jesus.  You can find the audio on the website of Prestoncrest Church of Christ, or on my Audio Lessons page.

In my study of the Mishnah to prep for this week, I looked at every single verse where the name “Hillel” was mentioned.  There were hundreds of them and most were not exactly relevant to what I wanted to present.  However, there were a few gems, most of which I presented in class.  There was one more that I found that I’d like to share with you that was too technical to share in class.
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