Hillel and The Good Samaritan

This week my Tuesday night Bible study, The Jewish Context of the Bible, started a new series: Famous Rabbis.  We start with the three biggest names in first century Rabbinical Judaism: Hillel, Shammai, and Akiva.  Then we progress to Sha’ul (Paul) and finally culminating in, Yeshua (Jesus).  I think after examining these great rabbis it will mean so much more when we look at Jesus.  You can find the audio on the website of Prestoncrest Church of Christ, or on my Audio Lessons page.

In my study of the Mishnah to prep for this week, I looked at every single verse where the name “Hillel” was mentioned.  There were hundreds of them and most were not exactly relevant to what I wanted to present.  However, there were a few gems, most of which I presented in class.  There was one more that I found that I’d like to share with you that was too technical to share in class.
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