Shammai and the Zealots

This week my Tuesday night Bible study, The Jewish Context of the Bible, continued our series on Famous Rabbis.  Last time we started with perhaps the biggest one of all, Hillel.  This week we took a look at his most eminent halakic (legal) opponent, Shammai.  Next up is Akiva, then Sha’ul (aka: Paul, and with Paul we’ll look at his own first rabbi, Gamaliel) and finally ending with, Yeshua (Jesus).  Knowing and understanding the rabbis has helped me understand the teachings and writings of Jesus and Paul and I’m sure you will be excited as well as we apply all that we’ve learned. You can find the audio on the website of Prestoncrest Church of Christ, or on my Audio Lessons page.

In my readings about Shammai, I ran across something very interesting.  Apparently Shammai, a member of the peace-loving Pharisees, had some ties to the religious movement known as the Zealots.
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