Noah Never Speaks

One of the very first Bible stories that anyone is taught is the story of Noah and the Flood.  In fact, it might very well be the first (either that or David and Goliath).  Either way, it’s up there.  Nurseries in churches have little arks with animals for kids to play with.  It’s the theme for VBS (Vacation Bible School) and even great fodder for adult Bible classes when discussing the righteous followers of God in the Tanakh.  So I found it strange that up until now I had never realized that even though the Bible uses four whole chapters to talk about Noah, the Bible never records him speaking a single word until the very end of his story (literally, the last 5 verses of 91 total) and even then it’s a curse to his stupid son (Ham) and a responsive blessing in reaction to the curse.  So I think it’s worth pondering why God, in His infinite wisdom, gave us these as the only words of one of the most righteous men to have ever lived. Continue reading