Easter or Firstfruits?

I hope everyone had a good Resurrection Weekend!  I know I did.  I was asked to teach a Bible class lesson on the Passover and I think those Christians were delighted to learn more about their Jewish roots.  I maintain that it’s impossible to truly understand the Lord’s Supper without first understanding the feast from which it was instituted, which is Passover.  Anyway, yesterday 2 billion Christians all celebrated the resurrection of Jesus.  It’s such a central concept to my faith that I really forgot how ridiculous it sounds until I was explaining it to my Friendspeak partner (Friendspeak is where we use the Bible to teach foreigners (mostly Chinese) who want to learn conversational English. Some are interested in Christianity, some are just in it for the language experience) It was an interesting experience trying to explain that, yes, I really do believe Jesus came back to life after being totally and completely dead.  And even more than that, I believe he’s coming back and that when he does I too will be made new with a new body just like Jesus, whether it’s while I’m still alive or after I’m dead.  Just like Jesus came back to life, so will I.  He was the first, and he’s promised the rest will follow, which brings me to the subject of this post.

The following is an article I wrote that was printed in several church bulletins over the weekend.  It was suggested to me that I repost it here. Enjoy.

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