The Essenes and the Messianic Banquet

This week my Tuesday night bible class, The Jewish Context of the Bible, was on the Essenes.  You can find the audio at the Prestoncrest Church of Christ website, or on my Audio Lessons page.

One question I got this week after class was regarding the Essene practice of the Messianic Banquet.  The idea that a group of religious Jews were practicing a ceremonial feast which is very similar to the Christian Eucharist (Lord’s Supper/Communion) is intriguing.  I could tell it caught the imagination of many of the disciples there.  More specifically I was asked questions like: How did the practice originate?  Did they have a scriptural foundation for it, and if so, where can that be found?  What specifically did they do? etc.  So I’ve done some further research and below I have presented my findings.

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