Greeks Look for Wisdom

Last night I sat in the evening church service and listened to our new preacher, Gordon Dabbs, instead of what I usually do which is going to help out at Kid Zone (Children’s Bible Hour).  First of all, let me say that I really love Gordon – he’s great.  He knows his stuff, he speaks the truth without hindrance, and he’s not afraid to metaphysically slap you in the face with scripture (many times as believers, we need a ‘wake up call’) and yet can do it without the proverbial sting.  He’s doing a fantastic job and has really stepped into the position with grace and ease.

So I’m sitting about 6 pews back from the front, listening to him talk about why it’s rational to believe in God and that many renowned scientists think the universe is too complex to have just come about that way but that there is a designer behind it.  This post will be my reflections about his sermon – the thoughts running through my mind during and after (which if we were in a Jewish setting, I would have just stood up and said right there (and I was tempted to do so), but since we weren’t I had to keep my mouth shut and reserve my thoughts for my blog).  (Disclaimer: If you read this post, please read through everything or you might come away with the impression that I’m attacking Gordon’s sermon. I’m not attacking Gordon or his sermon.  Far from it, I thought it was encouraging, well said, and got people to think about things that perhaps they might not have beforehand).

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