Old Testament Eschatology

On Thursday I turned in my final paper for my Advanced Introduction to the New Testament class.  The paper was called: “The Eschatology of the Old Testament: A Case Study in Ezekiel 40 – 48”.  If you don’t know, “eschatology” comes from the Greek word “eschaton” which means “end”.  So “eschatology” is a theology of the end.  What happens at the end?  People have been asking this question for a long time.  It’s a very interesting subject because the canonized Hebrew Bible does not have the fully developed eschatologies that Judaism and Christianity would later see.  Ezekiel 40-48 is of particular interest given the way that the writer of Revelation leaned massively on it.  I have posted my paper for you here if you are interested to read it.  If you do subject yourself to it here is what I recommend: first read through Ezekiel 40-48, and then second, keep your bible out because you’ll also want to read other passages to which I refer (Jer 31, Zech 14, etc).

If anyone is brave enough to read it, I’d love to know your thoughts.



Old Testament Eschatology – Ezek 40 – 48

P.S. Yes, I do know there are a few errors in the paper.  I missed them before I turned it in.

Islam, Jesus, and People Who Don’t Act Like Him

This past week at ACU was Summit, the event formally known as Lectureship.  It was an exciting time where scholars from around the nation (and world) gathered for a forum on issues that are pressing hard against the Christian church (as a whole) in today’s world.  Topics covered were in a wide range from worship, to biblical study, to social work, to recycling, and more.  The following is a write-up on one particular Summit class that I went to, called “Jesus and Muhammad”.

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This is My Story

On Monday, June 7, 2010, I took the biggest step yet in a journey that many of you know very little about – I turned in my two weeks notice.  My family and my church family have known about this for quite some time, but I have had to keep it shielded from the rest of the world before I was ready.  Now I’m ready to share.  In short, I’ve discovered what it is I’m truly passionate about and I feel called to go into ministry.  I’ve been accepted to the ACU Master of Divinity program and I’m moving out there to go to school full time.  For the full story as to what caused this to happen, I’ve reproduced a slightly redacted version of the admissions essay which I wrote in September of 2009.  My redactions have been for the sake of transitioning the piece from a “timely” admissions essay to a “timeless” blog post.  The admissions essay should give you some idea of why I’m doing this and what’s driving it.  After the essay I’ve added in the saga of my life over the last 9 months and how God has worked in amazing ways, teaching me a many things in the process.

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