Get James to Speak at Your Church

If you would like to schedule me to teach, please contact me by leaving a comment on this page.  I gladly travel to other churches, and I also can substitute in other classes when I am not teaching a series.

Bible Classes I Offer

The following are the classes that I can teach to both Bible classes as well as in a weekend seminar.  I can additionally offer new classes by request.

Paul in Corinth – The Corinthian letters and Paul’s time in Corinth in the Book of Acts makes up a significant portion of the New Testament. What were the social, cultural, and religious issues that Paul dealt with in this new church? We turn to history and archaeology to shed new light on the text. This study illuminates Paul’s reflections on ancient Greco-Roman sports, banquets, and professions and how this informs our churches today.

King David: History, Archaeology, and the Bible – For years, some scholars doubted whether David ever existed due to the lack of evidence for his life outside of the Bible. New discoveries have come to show that this warlord, poet, and king did indeed reign in ancient Israel. This class will look at history and archaeology to put David‘s life, as told in the Bible, into its Ancient Near Eastern context. Join us as we take a journey through the victories and defeats of Israel’s warrior king, a man after God’s own heart.

Epic Myths in the Ancient Near East – The Old Testament is set in the Ancient Near East, a place and time when the shadows of Babylon, Assyria, and Egypt loomed large over the relatively insignificant Israel.  The stories they told inundated the culture of ancient Israel such that even peasants knew them.  The writers of the Bible skillfully employed the mythic language of their neighbors to communicate God’s truth to ancient Israelites and modern day people alike.  This class examines ancient myth, how the Bible uses it and responds to it, and why it matters.

God vs. The Chaos Monster – The people of the Ancient Near East saw the world in a completely different way than modern Americans. Their pre-scientific worldview informed everything they did, including how they wrote about their encounters with God. This class seeks to understand that worldview and how it informs the biblical imagery that appears throughout the bible, such as creation, exodus, exile, the ministry of Jesus, and the book of Revelation. Knowing how ancient Israelites understood the world helps us understand some of the most esoteric texts in the bible in fresh and accessible ways.

Letters to the Seven Churches – The Book of Revelation is written to seven churches in the Roman province of Asia Minor in modern day Turkey. Each of the letters discuss people, places, and events that are now foreign to us thousands of years later in a distant land. This study examines the historical and archaeological evidence at each of the seven cities in order to better understand John’s words to them. Set in its historical context, Revelation is transformed from a scary end-times apocalypse into an understandable historical mantra of resistance for Christians against Rome, the emperor, and his cult.

Out of Egypt – The story of the Exodus is so foundational to the entire Bible that even the Gospels are written to evoke the imagery of Israel leaving Egypt. Even the return from exile in Babylon is framed as a new exodus. This study examines the Exodus in new ways that will illuminate the person Jesus. Join us as we see the birth of Moses, the ten plagues, the Passover, crossing the Red Sea, and the journey into the desert.

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament – What exactly are the Dead Sea Scrolls? Why are they important? Who wrote them? What can Christians today learn from them to better understand the New Testament? This class examines these questions in detail and offers a rich set of insights into the New Testament.

The Rabbinic Teaching Style of Jesus – This class focuses on what it meant to be a Jewish Galilean rabbi in the first century, and how that helps us understand Jesus better.  After we understand the setting, we can look at his teachings in the context of his teaching method to uncover new insights.

Jesus and His Jewish Parables – Jesus was not the only one who told brilliant parables.  In fact, the parables of Jesus are remarkably similar to the several thousand parables by his rabbinic contemporaries.  When we examine the parallel rabbinic parables we can see Jesus’ true genius in how he changed key details of popular parables to make incredible impact.

The Jewish Context of the New Testament – In this series we look at the culture of first century Judaism and the atmosphere of first century Palestine.  This study is divided into two major sections.  The first covers religious and political parties of importance in the New Testament.  The second covers famous contemporary rabbis of Jesus’ day and how their teachings compare, and what we can learn about Jesus’ teachings from them.

A Few Places I’ve Taught

Feel free to contact leadership from these churches/organizations about me. The person that I dealt with the most is in parenthesis.

  • Prestoncrest Church of Christ, Dallas TX (Gordon Dabbs)
  • Raleigh Church of Christ, Raleigh NC (Scott Woollens)
  • Minter Lane Church of Christ, Abilene TX (Chris Hutson)
  • Southern Hills Church of Christ, Abilene TX (Stephen Corbett)
  • Shiloh Road Church of Christ, Tyler TX (Larry Hopkins)
  • Legacy Church of Christ, North Richland Hills TX (J Bailey)
  • Oelwein Church of Christ, Oelwein IA (Ken Beach)
  • Abilene Christian University, Summit (Lectureship)

5 thoughts on “Get James to Speak at Your Church

  1. James – I have found the Rabbinical Teaching Style Class to be so informative. The Jewish context, so needed for a more comlplete understanding, is something I have never learned and now realize it to be essential. Thanks for your excellent preparation and sharing personal insights mixed with humor in your classes at Prestoncrest! Shalom!

  2. I was a visitor at Southern Hills today,and attended your class. I live in Plano, Texas, but I would so love to find a way to finish what you started today.

    How can I get your material? I was fascinated by the information you shared today. Most enjoyable.

    Thank you.

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