Audio/Video Lessons

Here I will post the links to my audio lessons as well as list where I gave them. I hereby give you permission to use these in your churches so long you give proper credit to me as the speaker. Not that I want “credit” such as man’s approval and a pat on the back, but I am interested in keeping my name attached to these so that perhaps people will hear me speak and invite me to come to their church to teach. Have Bible, Will Travel.

2014 Sermons

March 16, 2014: The Faith of Abraham (Southern Hills Church of Christ) Listen Now
June 29, 2014: This is the End (Prestoncrest Church of Christ) Watch Now
July 6, 2014: This is Not the End (Prestoncrest Church of Christ) Watch Now


ACU Summit 2013

September 2013, Abilene Christian University

September 18, 2013:
10:00am, BSB 127
Apocalyptic Warfare:
The Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament
Listen Now
(#151 on the page)


Summer 2013


June 23, 2013: The Law of Christ – The Problem with Paradoxes (Southern Hills Church of Christ) Listen Now
June 30, 2013: An Ethic of Exile (Prestoncrest Church of Christ) Coming Soon

Bible Class: God vs. The Chaos Monster

Southern Hills Church of Christ

June 5, 2013: Creation: God vs. the Chaos Monster Listen Now
June 12, 2013: The Exodus: God Sets Us Free From Chaos Coming Soon


Summer 2012

Southern Hills Church of Christ

June 10, 2012: I AM the Bread of Life Coming Soon
July 15, 2012: I AM the Good Shepherd Coming Soon


Summer 2011: Out of Egypt

Summer 2011, Prestoncrest Church of Christ

June 5, 2011: Birth of a Prophet Watch Now
June 12, 2011: An Outstretched Arm Watch Now
June 26, 2011: Into the Desert Watch Now
July 3, 2011: The Wedding of God Watch Now
July 10, 2011: Sacred Space Watch Now

Note: I have removed previous classes from here since the web locations of the audio were removed.

17 thoughts on “Audio/Video Lessons

  1. Hey James,

    I’m not sure what happened or if I’m just an idiot but the link above didn’t work to subscribe via iTunes. When I try and subscribe it takes me to the iTunes store but nothing else happens and it doesn’t show up in my Podcasts view.

    I’m on iTunes if it matters.


  2. Question. At the very begining of you speech on Akiva, you tell the story of Akiva wandering into a Roman garrison where the centurion asks him “who are you and what are you doing here?” I have not been able to locate this story in the Mishnayoth of Talmud. You say you inherited it from Ray VanderLaan? Can you cite this for me? Todah!

  3. Shalom James,
    I just fond your site and I’m loving it. Thanks for all your work.
    Can I download your lessons to listen away from my computer? How do I do that?
    Thanks so much,

    • Lynne,
      To download the audio files, right-click on the links and choose “Save link as” or “Save target as” or something like that. Then save them to your computer at a location of your choosing. From there you can either burn them onto a CD or transfer them onto an MP3 player.


  4. I have just discovered your website, and I really like your articles. However, when I try to access your audio lessons, they don’t work. I can get the handouts to download, but I get an error message on all the “Listen Now” buttons. Can you help?

    • Billy,
      I was linking to where my church had put them up online, but I guess they took them down. I do have copies of the audio, so I can put them back up. However, I’m not at home right now. I’ll e-mail you in a couple of weeks when I have them back up.

  5. Hey James,

    Do you have the introductory vocabulary, referenced in the 2009 pharisee lecture, in a document? I’d love to have a copy. Thanks, loved the use of minutia in the first few minutes of the lecture…good Harbert-ism.

  6. Hi James, I realize you have removed some of the past audio recordings and was wondering if there was way to get the series you did on the different groups that Jesus interacted with such as the Pharisees, Sadducees, zealots and so on. Absolutely loved that series and was hoping to hear it again. Thanks and God bless!

  7. Hi James
    Love your site…..just was wondering if you perhaps have rvl new audios…..Israels Mission….
    For us here in South Africa its very expensive….was only wondering….

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