Ray VanderLaan Seminar This Weekend!

Gull Lake Retreat Center

This weekend I will be heading out on a road trip to Gull Lake, Michigan where I will spend Friday evening through Monday afternoon sitting at the feet of Ray VanderLaan.  According to the schedule there are 18 hours of class time!  I am pumped up and ready to meet the man that set me on fire for God like never before.  It was Ray’s teachings that turned my heart back to God in late 2005 when I heard a recording of him from the now widely circulated Focus on the Family all-day teaching event he did.

One thing I am greatly excited about is finally seeing his pictures.  It’s so hard to listen to an audio recording and imagine what he’s pointing at when he says “look at this”.  I’ve been told by others that go to these conferences that the pictures are truly amazing.

I am ready to soak it all up and come back to Dallas reinvigorated and loaded with new teaching material.  Please pray for our safe travels.  Dallas to Gull Lake is a 17 hour drive.

Peace to you,



3 thoughts on “Ray VanderLaan Seminar This Weekend!

  1. Hi James! It was nice meeting you at GLM this past weekend. I was doing a search for “hagah” online this morning and ended up at a website with some RVL teachings. I was reading through the comments there and clicked on the link to your blog. I didn’t realize it was you until I read your post about heading to Gull Lake from TX! Now I’m pretty sure that the 10-hour teaching on that website was the one you referred to. If so, you won’t have to email me anything. I’ll have to add your blog to my blog reader! Hope you had a safe trip back home.

    • Nancy,

      Good to hear from you! It was a pleasure meeting you and everyone else at GLM this past weekend. Thanks for coming by my blog! Feel free to read and comment as we hagah together! :)


  2. James,

    I finally had a chance to look your blog up and it doesn’t look like it will disappoint! We also met at Gull Lake, I was sitting behind you the last couple sessions.

    Hazak V’Nithazek!


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