Synagogue Trip on Rosh HaShanah

I am taking a group to the Messianic Synagogue, Baruch HaShem, on Shabbat September 19th, 2009, which happens to be Rosh HaShanah.  I took a large group there in June for Shavuot (Pentecost) and they loved it so much that they wanted to go back on the next of the Lord’s Feasts.  I have contacted the synagogue to let them know that a large group of us are coming again on Rosh HaShanah, and they wanted me to make sure that I knew this will be on one of the High Holy Days, and as such, there will be a very large crowd.  It’s like what Easter is to most Christian denominations – people who don’t come very often show up for this service as well as a whole lot of a visitors.  So we need to get there early.  Here’s all the details:

Date:  Shabbat (Saturday) September 19th, 2009.

Time: Service starts at 10:40, but be there at 10:15 to make sure we get seats together.

Where: Baruch HaShem Messianic Synagogue (Dallas, on Belt Line Rd between Preston Rd. and Hillcrest Rd)

Additional Info: Wear what you would wear to church.  Wear comfortable shoes because you’ll be standing alot (you can sit down if necessary, many people do).  Also, eat a good breakfast, because it goes usually until 1:00 and on a High Holy Day it might go longer.

If you come to this, you will be blessed.




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