more txt 10 cmndmnts

When I was down there again this week, they apparently have put up more. Enjoy…


Also, I just realized this: they’re off by one. According to Exodus 20:  (1) No other gods before me, (2) no idols, (3) Don’t use the Lord’s name in vain, (4) Keep the Sabbath, (5) Honor your father and mother, (6) Don’t kill people, (7) No adultery, (8) Don’t steal, (9) Don’t lie, (10) Don’t be consumed by jealousy about what others have.

They have #6 listed as #5 on their sign.  It’s not a terribly important thing, I suppose, I just find it odd that someone would go to the trouble to make a funny sign outside their church and not get the scripture right.



P.S. When I’m back down around that area next week, if they’ve changed it again, I’ll post it.


3 thoughts on “more txt 10 cmndmnts

  1. Just to let you know, Lutherans and Catholics order the commandments differently than your list above. They combine no other gods and no idols (#1). They then split coveting your neighbors wife (#9) and coveting your neighbors possessions (#10). So if you look at what their number 5, 6, and 7 would be, their numbering in the photo is correct considering it is a Lutheran church.

    Actually, my understanding is that the Jewish (Talmudic) way of numbering out the ten commandments is somewhat similar. The difference is “I am the Lord your God” is #1. Then no other gods and no idols is combined to make #2. It then follows the list you made above.

    I loved the class you just wrapped up on Tuesday nights. Thank you so much.

    • Hey Jerry, it was my pleasure to teach it. I hope God provides more opportunities like it in the future.

      And thanks for the heads-up about the Ten Commandments. I did not know that they order them differently, but it’s good to know. I guess a bit more research on my part would have been prudent before posting what I did above. I just found this website which gives a side-by-side comparison of the Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant numberings:


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