Tuesday Nights This Summer: The Jewish Context of the Bible

I’d like to invite everyone to my class this summer.  It will be held Tuesday nights at Preston Place (the office building across the street from my church, Prestoncrest Church of Christ) at 7:00pm.   It doesn’t matter who you are, you’re welcome to come.  Yes, that means my friends in grad school who have started reading this are (especially) welcome as well.  We will not discuss dogma or “salvation.”  There will be no attempts at converting anyone to any sort of denomination or church belief or any of that.  Instead, come for an hour of study into the culture that shaped the Jewish rabbi we know as Jesus, and how that helps us better interpret what he did and said.  If you need it, child care will be provided in a nearby room.

Here’s the blurb they posted in the church bulletin:

Join us as we try to understand the Bible in the context in which it was written: by Jews to Jews. Jesus was a Jew who taught Jews.  Paul was a Jew and while he reached out to Gentiles his Jewish background, upbringing, and study shaped his theology in much greater ways than Greek education.  Come for an hour of deep study into the word of God as we study first century Judaism to bring clarity to this very Jewish book.  Tuesday at 7:00pm, May 12 – August 11, at Preston Place in the Faithbuilders classroom.

I hope you can make it.  It’s going to be good.  Topics include: the socio-political groups of Jesus’ day (Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, Zealots, Romans, Samaritans), Jewish views of the afterlife, famous rabbis and their teachings and how Jesus agreed or disagreed, Paul as a rabbi, and more.


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