Life After Death Discussion Part 2

In our previous discussion, I asked the question: what happens directly after death? I got back some interesting responses for sure, so now I want to proceed directly onto the next question in the series of questions I listed in Part 1. Actually, it’s not the direct next question since I’ve decided to skip the rapture question and just move on. So, the next discussion question is:

When does judgment day occur and what happens?  Does God just have a big timer set up in heaven and when it goes off he calls up Jesus and says “Jesus: you are clear for launch”? (the last question could be probably less sarcastically asked “Is the time of the second coming just an arbitrary point in time, such that it could be ‘any old time’ like today or tomorrow?”)  Or do you think there a bit more purpose behind the second coming as to when it will occur?


5 thoughts on “Life After Death Discussion Part 2

  1. “But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.” – Matthew 24:36, ESV

    So, I do believe that no one will know when the day comes. However, I’m going to add a small illustration to show something:

    A professor announced to his class: “Next week, I am going to be giving a pop quiz, and no one will know when it will be. To make sure of this, I will offer that if someone tells me which day the quiz will be on before it happens, I will cancel the quiz. If someone tells me the wrong day, they will receive a grade of zero.”

    So, the class sits there and thinks. If the quiz was to be on Friday, we would know this on Thursday, since the quiz hadn’t been given. Therefore, the quiz can’t be on Friday. If the quiz were on Thursday, since we know it already won’t be on Friday, we would know this on Wednesday, and therefore, it can’t be on Thursday. They follow this logic to its conclusion and conclude that there will be no pop quiz the next week.

    Tuesday, the professor gives the quiz, and no one was expecting it.

    So, I’ve had some people say that, “Well, if you think it will happen on day X, it won’t.” Possibly. However, the corollary that if you predict every single day, it will never happen fails, since predicting every day leaves you with the same amount of information. In fact, predicting a subset of the days does not rule out any of them, since you will not know for sure which one is which.

    Personally, I’m a fan of the whole “Jesus returning on Rosh Hashanah” idea, because it fits so well with the story so far. But just because someone picked Rosh Hashanah does not mean that it won’t happen then. It simply means that you do not know which Rosh Hashanah. So, you can still “not know the hour,” while also believing that the conclusion of the story comes at the most beautiful time.

    That being said, in terms of what you do as a person, this doesn’t change much. Be ready, because you could still be wrong.

    And now, I shall stop rambling randomly.

    • Late response (appreciate your messages in Facebook regarding updates).

      When examined closely, it would appear that you are referring to a 3rd coming. The 2nd coming, one of judgement, certainly came. That or Jesus is a real trickster. We can talk about this sometime I hope.

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