The Twelve

One object of much neglect in Christianity is the Tanakh (aka: Old Testament). In many churches there is this pervasive idea that it isn’t needed, sometimes it’s not outright said but the feeling is there. Very sadly, most Christians today look at the Hebrew Bible and are intimidated by anything other than the narrative. The prophets are especially confusing to most people and it’s not surprising since they use much imagery that the people of the day understood but can easily be misconstrued by people living thousands of years later halfway across the world in an entirely different culture. However, one thing is for sure: the prophets are as relevant to us today as they were then and need to be studied. God’s word is powerful and can be applied to our lives if we will just crack it open and let Him to speak to us. If you are a Christian, then study the prophets because Jesus knew them well and quoted from them. If you are a Jew, well then, you already love the book any study it often. :P  I do hope that this blog will be respectful to any Jew who stumbles upon it, and any Christian who does the same I hope will learn more about their religion’s Jewish roots.

I want to kick this blog off with a study of The Twelve Minor Prophets and first up is Hosea. So…here goes.


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